Credits and Training:


Supernova                                       The Asylum

Subprime Children                            DEAI Pictures

Big Money Rustlas                            Short Dog, Inc.

Fading to Zero                                  Camelia South Productions

Never Divided Again                          New Heart Films

Thick Blood                                     JR Entertainment

Close Call                                        Warner Bros./Prime Media

Lost & Alone                                    AFI Productions

UPM Turkey Mission                         Silk Wave Mission

Runesinger Games                           Dir. Ethen Kennerly



Dole                                                Xlantic Productions

YLSE                                              Livier Productions

Die Cupid Die (Pilot)                         Dir. Scott Morgan

Yin N’ Yang                                     Yin n’ Yang TV

Parashu                                          Parashoes Productions

Moiselle                                          Tran Entertainment

Supermodel                                    Eagle 16 Productions

Do You Believe                               Black Dog Productions



Freddie The Pigeon                         UCLA

Texas                                            Lodestone Theatre Ensemble

Miss Korea                                     Miss Korea of So. California



List available upon request



Acting:  Diana Castle (Scene Study), Brian Reise (Film/TV), Silvana Gallardo (Gallardo Method), David Kagen (Meisner), Michele Shay (Meisner), Mel Shapiro, Gary Davis

Comedy:  Lesly Kahn & Company

Improv:  Marie Matiko

Voice:  Gary Heilsberg

Dance / Movement:  Hip Hop / Jazz / Modern / Tap / Yoga



Korean (Conversational), Chinese & Spanish (Beginner)

Accents:  Asian, British/English, Southern, Boston, New York (Accents easily acquired)

Sports:  Golf, Martial Arts (Wushu, Tae Kwon Do), Snowboarding, Rollerblading, Swimming

Hobbies:  Pilot in-training, Firearms, Bicycling, Aerobics, Billiards, Computers, Poker, Dance



UCLA B.A. (Sociology, Minors in Communications and Computing)

Attorney (CA license)
Real Estate Broker (CA license)
Cosmetologist (CA license)